Alora Machuca

Writer, Singer, Actor and Animal lover.

Hello! Welcome to my space!

My name is Alora Machuca, a young writer building her profession on the exciting world of the web. I’ve always had an affinity to anything magical and mythical and pulled that love into writing at the young age of eight where I made little stories of fairies and monsters but it wasn’t until I was twelve that my love for writing only grew and I began writing poems, songs, and plays. It became a passion that only flourished as I attended Holyoke Community College in Massachusetts where I pursued a writing major. Though I had a love for theatre in high school my passion started at HCC as well so when I entered Westfield State University I began to pursue my Bachelors of Arts in English with a writing concentration as well as a minor in Theatre Arts. Taking my passions very seriously I aim to give magic and wonder through my words as other words gave to me.

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